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Day 7 of part 4 – Bealey Hotel to Greyney’s Shelter (7k, 2.5h)

Short day – buffet breakfast at hotel then waited for Colin and Tenley to rock up from the hut. Got going just after 10.30 : easy stroll to Greyney’s Shelter. Took a bit of an alternate route as suggested by SOBOs we met yesterday – crossed the Waimakariri right by the hotel (follow ‘River walk’ signs) then followed the power poles and a 4WD/digger track near them pretty much all the way to the rail bridge. Easy crossing of very low Mingha by bridge then stroll to Greyney’s where we split up. I walked/hitched to Arthur’s Pass and the others carried on to Goat Pass Hut. Trey have a LONG day…

Staying at The Sanctuary backpackers/campsite – awesome place and owner Bill is SO nice. I’m in a cute hut made from an old piece of concrete pipe called the Hobbit Hole. Big round window with view of mountains. Dinner at The Wobbly Kea and Bill talked me into slack packing Goat Pass tomorrow in a day as a load of Coast to Coast runners are doing it. Hmmmmm…

Waimakariri – pretty low and easy although wide and cold!
Follow those poles!
Greyney’s Shelter
My Hobbit Hole at The Sanctuary. Cosy!


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  1. I love getting your daily updates 🙂 Glad to hear you’re having better weather than when we met up in Queenstown ! Much love and enjoy the next bit


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